Greenspace Management

Maintain over 10km2 of parks
Maintain 6 cemeteries and 2 crematoriums
2 green flag status parks maintained / sustained
140,000 bedding plants per year
5,319,600m of grass cutting area maintained across the city
370 semi-mature trees planted per year
564 ad hoc grounds enquiries are resolved each year

Greenspace Management

Liverpool has a diverse & historic mix of parks, greenspaces, cemeteries & crematoria. These sites host a varied array of features for recreational use, contemplation & reflection, bio-diversity interest, horticultural & heritage importance plus safe places to lay loved ones to rest. These spaces are key assets for the city to enable all residents the opportunity for physical activity with greenspaces proven to help with our well-being and mental health.

LSSL provide the general grounds maintenance requirements across these sites to varying standards based on their classifications, and maintains grassed areas, trees, shrubs and epicormic growth across the city, working in both summer and winter months to prepare and preserve high-quality green spaces all year round. The service is also responsible for 2 statutory services; interments & playground inspection/maintenance.

Key Services

  • ZGrass cutting
  • ZBedding, shrub bed and hedge maintenance
  • ZInterments
  • ZPlayground inspections and repairs
  • ZPruning
  • ZRemoval of epicormic growth
  • ZWeed spraying