Street Cleansing

Keep 2,736,080m of highways clean and are sprayed for weeds twice a year
Collect over 14,200 tonnes of litter and street waste
Empty over 475,000 litter bins every year
Respond to 14,500 reports of fly tipping each year

Street Cleansing Services

As Liverpool remains one of the top visited cities in the country, the importance of providing high quality street cleansing remains a priority. Over time, as the service has grown and functions developed to align with changes in public demand, the standards of the service have been improved to incorporate the introduction of functions including servicing of other major events such as televised football and scheduled events in the city.

The increase in events has brought thousands of visitors to key wards across the north and south of the city, which need to be effectively managed as well as ensuring the needs of our local residents who live and work in these parts of the city are met. As these areas house the main gateways in and out of the city, it is vital the street cleansing service is proactively monitored to ensure a quality service is provided to residents.

Key Services

  • ZStreet cleansing and washing
  • ZFly tipping, leaf fall and graffiti removal
  • ZWeed spraying
  • ZLitter bin servicing