Impressive clean up at Stalisfield fly tipping site!

A site that has been systematically fly tipped on by organised fly tippers has been cleared by our Cleansing colleagues – all 29 tonnes of waste! Scroll down for the before and after pictures.

The site has been subject to investigation by LSSL Enforcement Officers and LCC Streetscene Officers since October 2022 to ensure that the offenders are prosecuted. The alleged perpetrators cut the lock off gates leading to Council land, where they systematically dumped tonnes of fly tipping over an extended period of time.

The vehicle used for the fly tipping vehicle was also seized and crushed in February. The fly tippers were known to use a specific vehicle – after observations, interviews and CCTV recordings, Enforcement colleagues were in a position to seize the vehicle. On the morning of the seize, the teams were advised by Merseyside Police that the vehicle had been confiscated for having no tax. The registered owner failed to turn up to claim the vehicle, and as a result it ended up being crushed. The fly tipping case is still ongoing with PACE (Police and Crime Evidence) interviews currently being conducted. If successful, the outcome of the investigation can lead to a maximum fine of £50k and or imprisonment.

You can report fly tipping to us here: