Recycling Fallen Leaves: From Trash to Treasure!

Foliage is power! We’ve been turning trash to treasure over the past week by donating collected leaf fall to allotments.

This allotment in Garston received their first 2 tonnes of leaves last week, which will be used as mulch and compost on their plots.

The plot belongs to local community hub ‘Arch Under the Bridge’, and is a place for local schoolchildren with learning disabilities to grow food, do some hands-on learning and socialize with their peers.

They visit 3 times per week and grow anything from onions, cabbages, carrots, strawberries, apples, potatoes, and cucumbers, and in summer they even make jam. All items are taken home for cooking and eating.

The children are aged 4-12 and this active hands-on learning with the freedom of being in an outside environment is extremely beneficial to them, outside of the classroom environment.

Our crews will be dropping off approximately 20 tonnes of leaves per week going forward to help out this fabulous community initiative. Below you’ll see some of the pumpkins grown by the children for Halloween, that they later made pumpkin soup with!…