‘Safety First’ Approach for Bonfire Night

In some areas, celebrating November 5th has turned into people indulging in large scale fly-tipping under the excuse of “a community event”. Bonfire night has become stressful for many residents, especially for those living near to open plots of land that are being used as dumping grounds for industrial quantities of hazardous waste.

The issue has been building for some years now, but last year the scale and proximity to homes of some of these illegal bonfires posed a real threat to life and people’s homes. The danger is also very real to fire officers who have to put out fires that have at times contained explosive items, such as pressurised containers and gas canisters.

Our crews who helped to clear away more than 100 tonnes of waste, in all weathers, from more than 110 illegal bonfire sites across the city in the 2 weeks running up to Bonfire Night as part of Operation Banger.

We have been working alongside Mersey Fire and Merseyside Police to carry out this important work. The sites are now being evaluated to see how they can be best repaired. Soil will be replenished, and grass seed will be added where necessary. The truth is much of what is being deposited can – and should be recycled, which is why the items that have been collected by our crews are being recycled where possible.