Supporting local schools to plant trees and flowers 

LSSL’s Forestry Manager and LCC’s Streetscene Officer for Anfield are working together to support the children of All Saints School to plant more trees and wildflowers in their local area!

The idea came from the year 6 pupils of All Saints school, who had been travelling past a bare piece of land on their way to and from school every day, and suggested that a tree and some flowers be planted there to brighten up the area and help the environment. 

The planting of an Oak tree took place last week by the children, and our Forestry manager was able to support the school with guidance and educational background on Oak trees. The project also involves the planting of some wildflower seeds, which is being supported by LSSL’s Grounds Maintenance manager, who has already met the pupils to provide them with some educational information on wildflower meadows and their benefits to the environment. 

The immediate area around the Oak tree has been secured for protection and the land has been prepared for the next stage of the project, which will involve sowing the wildflower seeds. Projects like these are significant because students are given the chance to have first-hand experience to contribute to a sustainable development on Earth. Happy planting!