‘Water’ Great Story for National Allotment Week!

After eight large water bowsers were recently fly tipped at the docklands, our Facilities team decided to tide-y them up and put them to use…

Firstly they were assessed for contamination by Environmental Health, and after confirmation that they were safe for use, the team offered them to eight of Liverpool’s allotments who were delighted to accept them. So the team got to work dropping them all off, right on time for National Allotment Week!

Each bowser carries 1000 litres and will allow allotment users much closer and easier access to water than the tap already on site, due to the fact that they are a portable water source and can be situated anywhere that will benefit the allotment community most.

The allotments would like to express their gratitude to the team for their intervention and for their creative re-use of the bowsers. One man’s Trash is another man’s Treasure!